Bitcoin Mixer

Mix your coins in three simple steps and get absolutely fresh coins with clean Blockchain history.

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#1 Anonymous Tool

Top-rated, reliable and fast tumbling service

Each blockchain transaction can be traced back to you. You can use CryptoMixer if you want to protect your privacy. The use of a Bitcoin Mixer is legal & suitable for anyone who wants to hide their identity when sending Bitcoins to another person.
Smart Combination

Easy to use

With our Bitcoin blender, even old people can make Bitcoins untraceable! You can decide how much fees you want to pay and how long the mixing process should take. More fees and a longer mixing time also means more anonymity.

Instant BTC Mixing

We have enough funds in reserve to make any mixing blazing fast.

Fully Anonymous

Minimum info is required to start crypto coin mixing.

Zero Logs

Our policy is 100% zero-logs. All data is instantly deleted.

Minimum Fees

Our fees are the lowest on the market, you can always be sure of it.


Feel free to use our coinmixer in TOR network, or even in I2P.

Customizable Options

You can control your mixing delay, mixing fee and other options.

Growing Community

The Best Bitcoin Mixer to help you stay anonymous.

Mixing inevitably entails building a solid trust-based relationship and it is on the strength of sustaining that relationship that you can build and grow a stable client base.

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