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What is a Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Tumbler)? V

In spite of government efforts to tackle the prevalent issue of personal data privacy, hackers and other malicious users have discovered endless loopholes on the internet, thereby exploiting them to gain authorized access to the victim’s sensitive information. Similarly, users of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) have also expressed their concerns regarding the lack of privacy, especially when anyone can trace public keys and pseudonymous BTC addresses to specific real-world identities. In order to address the privacy issues with Bitcoin, a growing number of Bitcoin investors have turned to Bitcoin Mixers or Bitcoin Tumblers like YoMixer to obfuscate their BTC transactions from malicious users and blockchain analytics companies.

Bitcoin Mixers, also known as Bitcoin Tumblers, are services that sever the connection between the user’s old and new address by mixing their BTC with other users in the mixing pool, thereby disassociating the original coins with the owner. A good Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler) could effectively make the user’s funds untraceable and anonymously. To put it simply, it is akin to moving funds through banks located in countries with stringent bank-secrecy laws such as the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.

A single misstep in your Bitcoin transaction process could expose you and your transaction data to bad actors, government agencies, and other unwanted entities who might pose a risk to your BTC funds and even your personal safety.

How to use a Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Tumbler)? V

It is possible using anonymity tools such as a Bitcoin Mixer to properly hide your Bitcoin transactions which could otherwise be viewed by anyone through blockchain explorers. Hence, it is crucial to “mix” your coins in order to protect yourself from unwanted risks and threats from bad actors, since it is possible to link your identity from your original address with today’s blockchain analytics services.

YoMixer is one of the leading Bitcoin Tumblers in the market today that is easy to use, even for beginners. Users would be able to complete the Bitcoin mixing process in 5 simple steps:

- Step 1 - Visit the official Bitcoin Mixer / Bitcoin Tumbler site ( Depending on your preference, you may visit the website using an ordinary web browser or the privacy-focused TOR browser.

- Step 2 - Set up your Destination Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses. You may assign up to 5 BTC addresses, time delay, and more to strengthen the anonymity of your mixed coins.

- Step 3 - Send Bitcoin to the Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler). Send the amount of Bitcoins as indicated by the Bitcoin Tumbler to the address as shown on the page.

- Step 4 - Processing your mixed coins. Wait for the mixing process to be completed.

- Step 5 - View the status of the mixing process. Your mixed coins should be sent successfully and your transactions are now untraceable from anyone.

If you would like to know more about the Bitcoin mixing, do check out our guide on how to mix your Bitcoins to gain a better insight on the mixing process.

How does your Bitcoin Tumbler work? V

When there are KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, anonymity ends. Unfortunately, almost all exchanges require users to verify their identity for security and anti-money laundering purposes. This means that your exchange address is directly connected to all your personal information. Tracing incoming transactions back, can lead to your wallets, holdings, other accounts and transactions.

To override this problem, you can use our Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Tumbler).

Instead of sending a specific amount of crypto to a destination address, you send them to us. Our service „mixes” all the transactions between users, making funds impossible to trace and connect with the original owner. In the end, your destination address will receive the transaction from one or more addresses which can’t be related with any of your wallets or exchange accounts.

Here are some examples why you should mix your crypto and how not-anonymous bitcoin is


Does your Bitcoin Mixer store any logs? V

Our Bitcoin Tumbler’s main mission is to protect anonymity of cryptocurrencies users. You can be sure that no logs or any other personal information are stored in our databases longer than the time needed to fully process mixing transactions. 24 hours upon successful mixing, all logs are automatically and permanently deleted from our databases.

Unlike some other Bitcoin Mixers, we don’t track our transaction statistics which could lead to de-anonymization


How can you avoid a return of the same coins when no data is saved? V

One of the main doubts when using cryptocurrency mixers regularly, is the possibility of receiving coins that were previously yours and „have your fingerprints” on them. To avoid situations like this, we designed a mechanism which provides untraceability by fully eliminating risk of getting previously owned coins.

When mixing coins for the first time, you will receive a "MyCryptoCode" - a randomly generated unique string which will allow you to get coins only from pools that have no connection to your other transactions. Make sure to enter it before every mix to ensure the highest level of anonymity.


While MyCryptoCode associates your inputs together, we use one way hash function bcrypt, industry standard for hashing passwords, to store the connection. Once a new order is created, we compare the provided MyCryptoCode against all stored hashes to determine which inputs can be used. This means connecting the transactions via MyCryptoCode is only possible knowing the code in the first place.

For technical reasons we had to use a reasonably low cost parameter for bcrypt function. It is still very unlikely someone would be able to brute force enough of the associated codes to make any connections in sensible time with current technology.

What are the Fees for using your Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler)? V

The minimum mixing fee starts at 0.5% and ends at 5%. Irregular fees makes it harder to correlate the coins you receive with coins you input. The fee also allows our Bitcoin Tumbler to operate and pays the fee for getting fresh coins.

Please also note that like with any other on-chain transaction, miners fee is also subtracted. This is a flat fee of 0.25 mBTC per each destination address, which we will periodically update the fee to roughly reflect the actual miners’ fees.

Does your Bitcoin Tumbler support SegWit addresses? V

Yes, you can freely use SegWit addresses with our Bitcoin Mixer.

Can I trust you large amounts of Bitcoins? V

Please check our max deposit amount beforehand as we do not always hold enough coins for bigger mixes. If you do not trust us you can always split your order into multiple smaller mixes. Remember to use your MyCryptoCode to avoid getting the same coins back!

I have accidentally closed the browser’s window, what should I do now? V

If you have already sent coins to our Bitcoin Tumbler, your order will be executed normally. You can also get back on the page by using the order id from your Letter of Guarantee. Your mixing page is valid for up to 24 hours.

How long does the Bitcoin Mixer deposit address stay active? V

The mixing order is valid for 24 hours, starting from the time you have created the order on our Bitcoin Tumbler.

How many confirmations are required to consider coins arrived? V

Our Bitcoin Tumbler requires 1 blockchain confirmation for all orders below 1 BTC, everything above you will need to wait for 3 confirmations.

Can I work or advertise with your Bitcoin Tumbler? V

Yes! Any help with developing our Bitcoin Tumbler is welcome. For users who want to actively spread the word about our Bitcoin Mixer we got a special affiliate program! Participating in it will let you earn, by taking commission, which comes from fees paid by users that you invited.

If you have any business inquiries or special offers for our Bitcoin Tumbler, please contact us on [email protected]

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